Executive Talent Assessment

A New Paradigm For Talent Decision Making

The Execution Box

In most organizations, we hire on the basis of skills and knowledge, yet fire and promote on the basis of attitudes and habits. The Execution Box graphic below illustrates these four elements for job success. How do you address the critical right side of your Execution Box in the hiring process?

The Building Blocks for Performance

This Graphic illustrates four key components to execution and goal achievement. And it shows the importance of the right column items: Attitudes and Habits.  In short:

Even though they KNOW, that doesn’t assure they will DO.

Knowing Side (Left Column)

Most organizations spend their time and money for recruiting and developing the left half of the Execution Box: Knowledge and Skills.

Doing Side  (Right Column)

Most shortfalls, failures and terminations result from deficiencies in the right half of the Execution Box: Attitudes and Habits.

Execution Box

Interviewers agree that the interview process is minimally effective, at best.  What is needed is an unbiased assessment that reveals people’s values that motivate them to do a job, the behaviors they will bring to a job, and whether they have the specific talents or capacities needed for the job.

Our assessments provide a summary of a person’s talent as it relates to predetermined benchmarks for the specific position. We provide a report showing HOW (values), WHY (behaviors) and WHAT (capacities) an individual can contribute toward a job.

The right talent in the right job spells success.  Our system enables companies to replace company biases often involved in the selection process of hiring or promotion with factual data based on job requirements.

Uses and Functions

  •  Analyzing strengths and weaknesses of management team or specific department.
  • Enhancing Communication Effectiveness
  • Organizational Development
  • Improved Succession Planning Criteria
  • Determining Employee Development and Coaching Opportunities

Our Clients Discuss the Benefits of Talent Assessment Services

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