Sounding Board Coaching

What Is a Sounding Board?

By definition, a Sounding Board is:

“A person or group with whom you discuss ideas to see if the ideas are ‘right’ “.

A Method for Getting it "Right"

Sounding Board Coaching with a qualified Executive Coach can prove to be invaluable in helping leaders to get it “right” by making more effective decisions and then gaining the courage, commitment and leadership ability needed to EXECUTE on their decisions.

Sounding Board Coaching

An Executive Coach's Unique Perspective

Once you’ve developed a working relationship with an executive coach, your coach gains a unique and unbiased understanding of:

  • Your role in your job
  • Your important professional and personal goals
  • Your cast of characters: team members, superiors and stakeholders
  • Your Personal Motivators and Drivers
  • Your Decision Making Style i.e. Your tendency to either value either tasks over people or people over tasks
  • Your blind spots and limiting beliefs; both past and present

Armed with this insight and enhanced skills for both asking and listening, a professional coach gains a unique perspective as your sounding board.  And, has a singular, transparent agenda: Facilitating Your Success.

Executive Decision Making can be Puzzling

Sounding Board Coaching is designed to guide your decisions to what we call “a state of RIGHT ACTION. 

Right Action happens when you have the right people doing the right things in the right way at the right time for the right reasons to get the right results.

Decision Making Puzzle Pieces

How Might You Benefit from Professional Sounding Board Coaching?

It’s easy to find out.  Without any risk or pressure, you can contact us to explore our chemistry.  That interaction is a click away.